The Bow Top Caravan

Buttercup the Bow Top Caravan was an Ebay whim, that turned into a labour of love!  She was a wreck when we collected her from Cumbria in 2014, and it took me 18 months to pluck up the courage to start work on her!

During the summer of 2016 we stripped her back to the bones, and rebuilt her with love and an awful lot of wood, paint, fabric and cash!

Buttercup is now the pride of the site and is loved by all that have stayed in her so far!

There is a double bed across the back of the caravan, with a bench seat (which also makes into a bed) opposite a small equipped kitchen. With outdoor seating, it’s the perfect getaway for friends or couples.

We now only permit 2 persons to stay in the caravan at a time, although the 2nd bed can be made up to accommodate a twin bed requirement or a 3rd person by special request.