The Pods

We have a total of 8 pods, all identical except for the coloured furnishings.  They are spaced so they can be private for individuals or close enough fro a group to enjoy.

Finch Pod

Dove – Has grey furnishings

Jay – Has pink furnishings

Teal – Has turquoise furnishings

Robin – Has red furnishings

Kite – Has lavender furnishings

Finch – Has green furnishings

Wren – has brown furnishings

Owl – Has purple furnishings

Robin Pod

Each pod has the following furnishings:

Zip & Link Bed | Bed Side Table | Lighting | Coffee Table | Kettle (no cups or drinks facilities though) | Mirror | 2 Seater Sofa | Scatter Cushions | Throws | Bistro Table Set | Storm Lantern | Bin

Toilet and shower facilities are just around the corner from the pod site.  There are no facilities in any of the units.


Prices are as follows:

Low Season: From £55 per night

Mid Season: From £60 per night

High Season: From £65 per night

Bank Holidays & Races: £85 per night

All prices now include V.A.T.